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Prague Touch Rugby 

​Touch Rugby, or ‘Touch’ as it is now officially referred to. It is one of the world’s fastest growing sports. So you’ve seen rugby and chances are you think it’s for manly giants who like to wrestle each other and you have no idea what the rules are because everyone seems to be throwing around some weird egg shaped ball… If this is the case – then you’re pretty spot on – however, from rugby, the fast, fun and easy game of touch football (rugby) has been formed. This code of rugby is open to all ages and sizes and is without the hits that you may expect. Instead, ‘Touch’ relies more on fitness and agility, and the ability of its players avoiding being ‘touched’ by the opposing team. Super popular in the southern hemisphere (Australia and New Zealand), “Touch” is fast expanding across the UK and now continental Europe as boys, girls, women and men all start to feel the excitement of crossing the line to score their first ‘try’ (this is what points are called).

Getting started will now be easier than ever with the Czech Touch Association.

​If you fancy bringing your team over to Prague for a few games of touch rugby, drop us a line and we can organise it for you!

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